10 march 2010..

less than 24 hours from now, the spm results will be announced..
OMG, my heart beats twice faster than the normal one
i just cant stop thinking about it
i try so many things to put that negative thought aside
but still my mind nail the SPM results negative thinking on top

mira da cube berusaha segigih mungkin
dan esok tibalah mase yang dinantikan
mira tak boleh kawal emosi
sampai takleh nak tido

last2 sekali, mira ketuk bilik mummy
tido pelok die..
yes, im still mummy's daughter

mira takut kalau result nanti tak same mcm mira aim
im afraid i will let ppl down
this is the first start to enter the real world.
without this, i just cant imagine how i can survive

mira pernah tengok orang2 yang da lalui spm ni
tapi still, perasaan tu lain
mira takut untuk hadapi result..
guys, i need your prayer just to calm me down

and wish me a good luck! =')

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