Dugaan Allah untuk hamba nya yang bersabar...

for the time being there's no any other word
that i can use to describe
my grateful towards Allah

Thanks Allah .
Thank you the Almighty

yes. everything happen for a reason
the reason which somehow we do not know why
why it happens in that way

I have completed my diploma in banking
I am now at least hold a tittle of diploma holder
well, its not that bad right ? haha

it has been a year now that i have completed my diploma
but only now that i continue my degree
well there are many reasons which many of us not understand
I, myself still wonder why Allah plans my faith to be like this
however, instead of feeling down, left behind and many other feelings that hard to describe
I am proud of myself.
I am proud of my parents.
I am proud of my teachers, lecturers and everyone who have been there for me.

Faith and destiny is something that Allah has planned for us
before we were born or even being sent to the living
but it is not impossible to change of faith
if we know what best for us
and trust that Allah will help and be there for us

I have been through my joy and rough period of life
even for some people, what i have been through were nothing
but as for myself i learn a lot through my 22 years of living
even some says its too late to pursue my degree
but who are you to judge ?

I am doing what i like to do best
I am currently doing what my parents always tell me to do
"Achieve as high as you want , because life is full of adventurous things to discover"
going abroad was my forever childhood ambitions
i wish to visit other countries and see how their cultures and norms
and now alhamdulillah
God has answered to my prayers
and i am now and the moment is preparing for CARDIFF UNIVERSITY
BsEcon Banking and Finance , second year :)

Alhamdulillah .
Thank you allah .