Differences between being a high school student and a university student

Students can be classified as a person engaged in study especially, one who attends a school or who seeks knowledge from professional or from books.

There are many levels in studies, even the senior citizens attend classes to increase their knowledge. But now, I’m going to talk about a high school student and a university student, with their differences.

High school student is varies with high school which attended by students between age 13 to 17. There are also some high schools that provide classes for those who’s taking STPM age 18 and 19. However, here I combined them under one roof as a high school student. Doesn’t matter what age, there are all high school students.

In other hand, university student is synonym with university or college. Students here are people who further their studies in many aspects. There are certain courses that give advantages for themselves and some can be used for the industries.

Based on my explainations, we can see that there are differences between high school and university students.

For myself, after 2 weeks being a university student, i can feel that it has changed my life a little. As before, I used to wake up early in the morning to get ready for school. Yes, high school students, we have to be in school before 7.30 a.m to avoid being whipped. But now, I can wake up at 10 a.m as my earliest class starts at 10.15 a.m. Well,I don’t need hours to get ready for class. Just a little bit of make-up, a proper attire and books. And I might have to run a bit, because university compound is larger compare to high school.

Being a high school student, I have to wear a school uniform which is blue, because I was a school prefect . I can tell you how bored I felt to wear the same clothes each and every day to school. And it’s hot. But now, being a university student I can put on clothes that I like and I just had to make sure that my clothes doesn’t hurt others feeling who look at me. You see, that’s where I like being a university student. Make-up? Why not? It gives me a freshier look and for sure I’ll be more gorgeous than before.

Okay, enough with myself. Now we move on to other differences between high school and university students. In university students need to be more self-directed and are expected to be more independent. Back in high school, teachers used to feed their students with guidance either in doing homework or any school activities such as camping. Even in class, teachers will seek those who are having problems in studies. They will help them by doing extra classes and one-to-one tutorial. However, in university, students need to find the lecturers by themselves and ask for one-to-one tutorial. And they might suggest a senior to guide you. As a student, we have to work hard to success because nothing is prepare for us like high school.

If in high school, there will be a lot of time spent with teachers. They will entered each classrooms at exact time and teach us until we understand perfectly. Although it may took a few classes to settle a topic, teachers still spend their times in class. However, in university there is less contact with instructors, less individual feedback and less time is spent in class. Lectures will only spend an hour for each classes by explaining the topics and we have to work to understand the topics ourselves. Lectures wouldn't ask for those who doesn't understand but they willing to help those who search for them.

Another important things we have to do as a university student that is different from a high school student is group projects. In high school, projects can be done by ourselves without a group. We also can copy and paste projects from the internet. It needs to be add things here and there to avoid being recognized. Unfortunately, in university group projects are often required so you will have to work well with other students. This group projects will help us in getting an extra marks. If not, we'll be in trouble to settle down with a project. Other than that, group projects help us in practicing our skill to communicate with others. It also build up self confidence.

To talk about attitude between the students, it will sound unfair as we have different ages for maturity. Their maturity shows their attitude. So, if they don't act like their aged, whom are we to judge them? It's God power to make them matured fast or slow. Even there are some primary school students who act like adults as they had reached their puberty at early ages. However, we can never judge a book by it's cover. Even though they have faces like an adult and act like one, deep inside they are still children.

Leaving high school and entering a new phase of life, which is post-secondary study is a big adjustment for students. If the student is aware of some of these differences, he/she will be better prepared for the changes in attitude and behaviors necessary.

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