final is coming

its been a while ...
since the last update
many have changed including the environment at home
hermmm ..
things are different now
good or bad ? well, its a secret
but it did teach me on how to be stronger inside out

final !
time that ive been really waiting for
almost 5 months class for this semester will be end sooner
final is the time for me to measure my capability of remembering of all things that i have studied
thanks to the lecturers and fellow friends who help me a lot

since now,
the final arrived and i think i am not ready
whyy ?
so many things happen
and i dont really have time for myself
to keep me fit
i need a break

thus, as for today im going to kelantan
taking a break to release tension and gets better to face the exams !
yeah .
ini untuk kebaikan :)

pray for me and pray for the best .

1 comment:

AzwaZynal said...

all the best for your final exam. be strong sis.