hutang tagged cai darling...

What is the starting time?
:> 3.30 PM :D
What's your name?
:> mira Cinta! cukop? hehe
Your zodiac sighn?
:> saggitarius
How about your birthday?
:> december 16 each n every year will be the same!
Your hight is....?
:> saya PENDEK!
And your weight is....?
:> saya KEDING *mak saya cakap! ;P
Last person you saw?
:> keluarga CINTA! buley? hehe
You hugged?
:> EMAK saya
To smile at you?
:> adek saya! *bile kne marah pown mau senyum juga! mungeks
You smiled at?
:> diri sendiri! *saya gila kan? haha
How about who was the last person to send you a text, and what did it say
:> nanty nak bukak hp jap!
And was the last person you texted, and what did that say?:
:>ntuh! saya tak on hp lagi :P
Last person to kiss you?
:> mummy kate saya busuk tak mandi! haha
Who was the last person you lied in bed with?:>
:> si t0ncet! ily <33
Relationships and Love
Are you single, taken, or just happy?
:> happy happy happy
If taken, who is your bf / gf?
:> si t0ncet yang suka tido guling2! haha
How long have you guys been going out?
:> since my last birthday celebs..ngee
When is your aniversery?
:> takkan mau bagitaw lagi? malu ah! haha
Do you love him / her?
:> i love you! haha
Have you ever cheeted on them?
:> selalu curik bam bam baby!
Do you love them?
:> na'ah! hehe
I'm wairing?
awww..malu ah! ahaha
I wish I was with?
my handphone! buley?
My favorite type of gum is?
Who did you hang ot with at lunch?
belum lunch lagik! kebulurrr...
Do you miss your passed?
i miss RIMUP! waaaaa
If you ever got the chanse to go back in time, would you?
hidup harus ke depan...*hahha mungeks
Your best friends are.....?
lebih ramai dari engkau engkau dan egkau punya! hehe
The date today is?
jan 29! lalalala
Are you missing anyone?
my nanny!! AL-FATIHAH

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