celebrating hari raya aidiladha at malacca

oh ! i hope its not tooooo late to wish y'all
to all muslims out there
hows your blood pressure at the time being ? still ok ?
well , hoping that y'all are on diet then :)

as for us, zailan's
weols celebrate raya dekat melaka !
oh yea . well, it was a last minute idea
we've celebrate raya kat rumah

then , at last minute we planned to celebrate it with our uncle and aunt in malacca
ohhh . mira da tunggu masa nak pegi tido hotel je
*erkk , kami gila tido hotel okay :D

around 6 weols gerak dari kl
and booked hotel ini :D
sangat berada di tengah bandar .!
syookkk .

yang penting weols bole swim
and its important for me to go somewhere
bosan duduk ruma =.='

mira adik and daddy da habis pusing satu melaka pagi tadi
just to find roti canai
ok . sangat susa -.-

well, its fun trip :D

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