Candyllcious klcc

Two days ago
After teman mummy buat ct scan
We went to klcc
Having lunch with daddy
Since habis ct scan pun da lunch
Daddy bru habis meeting
Nice !

Went have a lunch at dome
My meal ? Beef lasagnea !
Oh yeaaaa
Mmg knyang tak ingat laa
Nasib baik kat klcc
Blh bawak tertido :p

After that weols round2 kejap
And found out there's extremely a lot of add shops.
Pheeeewwe !
Sangat best okay ;D

Masa pusing2 tu i jmpe satu kedai ni
Heaven okay !
Candy shop
I was likeeeee :O

I got myself a stick of chocolate lollypop
And it was very nice
2 for rm12.
1 for rm9
Not bad i think
Well , its in klcc

Well lps ni mesty pgy brong lg laaa :D

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