daddy's birthday

happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday my lovely daddy
happy birthday to you

yeahhh and alhamdulillah
its your birthday again daddy
and this gonna be a year older for you

walaupun banyak dugaan mendatang
you are still one and only AWESOME daddy i have
there's no one can ever replace you
i know it had been such a hard time for you
but i know you can keep it strong each and every day

im sorry couldnt celebrate your birthday well
macam tahun-tahun sebelum ni
because of mummy's condition
but its okay
we did prank you  with lagu  yang tak berapa nak menjadi
because of baby yang merajuk
hahaha !
well , we hope you're happy

i have nothing to give you
but i've been doa to get a wonderful present this year
and here it is
since the result came out a few day after your birthday
so ive decided to put a smile on your face with my result
although it still doesnt reach the target
but i believe you would be proud of me daddy !

well , i pray for your health happiness and joy
semoga panjang umur , diberkati hidup dunia akhirat
strong enough to take care of us THE ZAILANS'
and always be our SUPERHERO :)

last but not least
please accept this as a present

walaupun tak seberapa but i hope you like it :)
i love you daddy !

*oh, maaf terpaksa di bold kan sebab ni kan hadiah daddy . nak tau tanya la daddy*
hehehe !

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