Night ride and tutti frutti

Last night we went for night ride
With zailans'
Ohhh yeaaaa
Its been a while we get to spend time
Enjoying the night ride

Tapi semalam one of the zailans' is not with us
Abang is having inter course for his final year next sem
So, we only have 5 for a night ride last night
It was fun though

Daddy need to grab some stuff at his office
So he brought us along
Just to catch some fresh air
*fresh ke kl?*
and sight seeing the traffic at kl

Surely no sleeping time for kl peeps
Haha !
Malam-malam still heavy traffic

After we went to klcc for daddy to get his stuff
We headed back home
But then daddy suddenly said that
"dont eat to much ok. Just take some and we will eat it at home"
Wooahhh !
Must be something really nice

And yes it is :)
Daddy brought us to tutti frutti
Just opposite zoo negara
Ohh yaeee
I've been craving for tuttifrutti long enough
To make me feel sooooooo
Damn delicious

Baby took a cup for herself
And me and adik share :)
Yet we share most of our things !

Thankyou daddy !
It was superb

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