Mommy ct scan

Yea im home
And i have no time to update really ..
Been worrying about mommy health

Now, im at gleaneagles
Waiting for mommy
This is her first attempt to ct scan
Its just a procedure before radiotheraphy sect later

She had finished chemo
A painful month for her
Now , its cure time
A procedure to remove the cell
What cell ?
Erm imma explain further later okay :')

Now that she's been pushing all her strength to keep fit for us
Alhamdulillah and she did it
Im just gonna pray for the bestest result for her

We're wishing that she's gonna be oky for ray :)
Insyallah .


arekymz said...

Hopefully your mum will get better soon.
jangan stress stress ya.
your mum need your support.

miracinta! said...

Thankyou arekym :) i really need your support ! Insyaallah