Weekly chemotherapy

Today is another round to hospital
However harini lain sikit
Mommy needs to do chemotherapy first
Before radiotherapy
This is one of the best method for ideal result
Kira macam lebih cepat cell tu bertindak untuk hilang

So starting from today
Mummy needs to do weekly chemo
Sampai habis radiation tuh
Kena stabilize dengan radiation
From monday to friday radiotherapy
Then on friday kena ada extra chemo
Kesian mummy
But thats the only way to get the radiation works even better

Tadi pun masa doc fuad jumpa
She kept on saying no to this and that
Trying to mengelak all the ubats
Lastly doc threat her admit to hospital if she resists
Ye la , baru two weeks of radiotherapy
She had lost ONE kg
Sounds small
But then think of another 5 weeks to go
Nak turun berapa lagi ?

She doesnt want to eat anything
Because of ulcer
Penuh dekat throat
Well doc cakap biasa
Tindak balas radiation
Well we just all hope for better health for mummy

Till then :)

1 comment:

Ismiey Iz said...

smoga terus tabah ... my sis dlu pun kna bt radiotrapi jgk.. 26 kli.. alhamdulillah, my sis skrg dah ok.. :) bykkn bdoa..